Excerpt from the Lord Calls Sinners by David Benson Kiehn

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"Tate Branham was my neighbor for 5 years.  He is an extremely special young man.  He is full of joy and laughter. He brings his parents tremendous delight, however, Tate is also faced with tremendous obstacles.  He is blind and autistic and suffers from cerebral palsy.  For years his father would pray that Tate would speak five words in his lifetime.  All he wanted was to hear five words, but Tate was mute. 
Because of his various issues, Tate was required by his doctors to take a lot medication.  When Tate turned ten years old, his mother felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit to remove Tate from all of his medication.  Over a period of six months, the conviction was consistent and steady.  She finally took Tate off of all his medication.  A few months later, Tate was in school and, seemingly out of nowhere, said, “Momma. Momma.”
He had never spoke a single word in eleven years until that day.  The Spirit of Christ lead his mother to remove him from all his medication, and God started to answer the prayers of his father. The power of Jesus Christ was communicated through Tate Branham. 
The power of Jesus Christ is still working in the lives of his people.  Do you believe in the power of Jesus Christ?  Do you believe that God can still do miraculous things? 
Paul writes in Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for all who believe.”  The gospel communicates the power of Christ in our lives.  When people are confronted with the gospel, its power is for all who believe. Believing in Jesus Christ is the foundation of experiencing His power.   Throughout the life of Jesus, people were confronted with His power and were forced to make a choice. Is this Jesus Lord, or is He something else?

 C.S. Lewis explains, based on the biblical testimony, that Jesus Christ either is Lord, a Liar or a Lunatic.  He is either Lord because He is God or He is a liar because He knows He is not God, but tells people He that He is God or He is a lunatic because He believes He is God, but is not God.  So when approaching Christ, Lewis says you are confronted with a choice.  He is the Lord, a Liar or a Lunatic. The question for us is, when we see the power of Christ, who do you believe Jesus Christ to be?  Is Jesus Christ Lord or not?  We must choose, for the power of Christ commands a response."