The Lord Calls Sinners by: David Benson Kiehn

My new book is available for sale: The Lord Calls Sinners (in paperback) and on the Kindle

Sin is an inescapable part of our fallen human nature. We are all sinners. We all have messed up. How can we expect God to accept sinners? It is hard to believe that God calls sinners, but in Luke 19:10, that Jesus"came to seek and save the lost." Jesus came to call sinners. Jesus came to save sinners. The beauty displayed in the gospel call is that it does far more than just save us from something, but saves us to something. Jesus Christ calls sinners to himself, then he uses those sinners on His mission to save other sinners. Through a series of biblical exhortations, Pastor David Kiehn shows how Jesus came to call sinners to God through Himself. Jesus Christ came to call sinners to salvation and to mission.