Deacon Election

And let deacons also be tested first; then let them serve as deacons if they prove themselves blameless. (1 Timothy 3:10, ESV)


We are preparing for our upcoming deacon elections this month. I want to encourage you to be in prayer for the church as we elect our new deacons to serve our church. A church’s leadership is very important for the health and unity of the church. Please do not take this decision lightly, but with earnest prayer and thoughtfulness; consider who God has raised up to serve our church as a deacon.

The word deacon comes from the Greek word “to serve.” Deacons are servants of the church. Therefore, consider men in our congregation who have demonstrated service to the church. The first deacons in the Acts 6 were set aside to wait on tables. They were honored to be enlisted to serve the King of kings. Deacons are gifts to the church to serve and care for the needs of the people. Please pray and consider who God wants to use to bless our church through their love and service.

Below are some of the traits listed in our church constitution in regards to a deacon’s character:

· They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace.

· They shall serve as a counsel of advice and conference with the pastor in all matters pertaining to the welfare and work of the church.

· With the pastor they are to consider and formulate plans for the constant effort and progress of the church in all things pertaining to saving of souls, the development of Christians and the extension and growth of the Kingdom of God.

· They are to seek to know the physical needs and the moral and spiritual struggles of the church and to serve the church in relieving, encouraging and developing all who are in need.

As our constitution clearly emphasized, serving as a deacon is a high calling. Pray for our current deacons and the future men God will raise up to serve.

In Christ,

Pastor Dave